Curls Crush Styling Gel
Curls Crush Styling Gel

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Curls Crush Styling Gel

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Curls Crush Styling Gel is a creamy hair styling and curling gel. It is made with flaxseed gel, aloe vera gel, vegetable glycerin, organic castor oil, xanthan gum, lemongrass essential oil, laurier noble essential oil, atlantic cedar essential oil and cade essential oil. Use to style, define and hold your curls while still nourishing your hair.

USE: Use every day on dry or wet hair to style.

Aloe barbadensis (organic aloe gel), linum usitatissimum (flaxseed gel), vegetable glycerin (vegetable glycerin), stearic acid (stearic acid), ricinis communis (castor oil), xanthan gum, potassium sorbate (potassium sorbate), cymbopogon citratus flexuosus (organic essential oil of Indian verbena), laurus nobilis (organic essential oil of laurel), cedrus atlantica (oil atlantic cedar essential oil), juniperus oxycedrus (essential oil of Cade).


Aloe, in gel or juice, stimulates the immune system, heals, acts as an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory and promotes the elimination of toxins. It contains proteolytic enzymes which repairs dead skin cells on the scalp. It also acts as a great conditioner and leaves your hair all smooth and shiny. It promotes hair growth, prevents itching on the scalp, reduces dandruff and conditions hair.

Flaxseeds are rich in vitamin E, which is great for both skin and hair health. The nutrient promotes the health of the scalp by reducing free radical damage. It helps improve circulation in the head, thus promoting hair growth and slowing down hair breakage.

Organic castor oil is full of ricinoleic acid which improves blood circulation to your scalp and encourages hair regrowth, reduces split ends, thickens hair and protects hair from damage.

Verbena (Lemongrass) (cymbopogon citratus flexuosus) essential oil is antibacterial, it creates a conducive environment on your scalp for healthy hair growth and it strengthens hair follicles.

Cade (Juniperus oxycedrus) essential oil treats infections of the scalp (scab, folliculitis, ringworm, seborrheic eczema) and makes the hair stronger. It is also known for its effects on dandruff, which it reduces development.

Cedrus atlantica essential oil is rich in sesquiterpenone, sesquiterpenol and sesquiterpenes, has a close affinity to the hair, which it reinforces, from root to fork. It reduces the formation of dandruff and hampers the development of alopecia.

Laurel Laurus nobilis essential oil is rich in oxides, such as rosemary, laurel oil stimulates hair growth. It is also excellent in the care of greasy and heavy hair. It has lactones that help strengthen the hair.

**Handmade. Vegan. No parabens. Not tested on animals.**

**Keep in at room temperature or in a cool dry place and discard if you notice skin irritation or a change in odor.**


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