SimpleSistas "Bod Butta" Body Butter


SimpleSistas "Bod Butta" Body Butter

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Recommended for:
pregnancy/breastfeeding mamas
sensitive skin/skin allergies to any essential oils.
The combination of shea butter, coconut oil & sweet almond oil will leave your skin feeling nourished with safe ingredients. These oils are rich in minerals & vitamins, such as Vitamin K, B6, Fatty Acids & more. Sweet Almond oil can help reduce skin discolouration. Due to the high Vitamin E content, Bod Butta will repair damage done to the skins collagen layer.


For best results, wash face & body, apply toner, apply Bod Butta. Do not use directly before make up application.

Ingredients: Shea butter*, coconut oil*, sweet almond oil*

My personal favourite Simple Sistas product is the unscented Bod Butta. Not only it is safe for nursing mamas, but it completely hydrates and nourishes my infants extremely dry, sensitive skin and scalp. Only having to use one product that meets BOTH of our skin care needs with as many beneficial properties as it has is worth every penny.

— Jade, 27